Our Pricing

We've created a range of packages that offer you flexibility, affordability and peace of mind when it comes to outsourcing tasks for your business - get in touch to discuss your requirements and we'll chat more about finding the best fit for you.

The 5 Hour Plan

5 hours worth of work

to be used within a 1 month period

hourly rate works out to
$40 / hour


Monthly Package 1

5 hours worth of work per month*

rolling 3 month contract

hourly rate works out to
$35 / hour


Monthly Package 2

10 hours worth of work per month*

rolling 3 month contract

hourly rate works out to
$35 / hour


* these hours may not be carried over to the next month and need to be used within the designated month

Pay As You Go

Our pay as you go rate is $45 per hour on any of the services we offer. We use time tracking software, and round down or up to the nearest 15 minutes, and we’ll send regular reports showing a breakdown of the tasks we have been working on. This is a good option for those who have a one-off project they need help with, or perhaps you are new to using a VA service and want to see how well we will work together before moving on to a retainer package. Work will be quoted and invoiced for upfront.

You're interested, what now?

If you like the sound of what we're offering, let's look at how the process works:

The first step is for you to take a look at your business and identify which tasks you'd like to hand over (if you're not 100% sure about this we can hash it out down the line, but it would be useful for you to have an idea before we chat.)

Next, let's talk shop! Schedule a chat with us and we'll discuss your To Do list and how our services can help you grow your brand.

On our call, we'll delve further into your business requirements and discuss the scope of work and expectations. It's important for both parties to feel like we're a good fit for each other in order to optimise our working relationship.

Once everything is agreed on, we'll cross the t's, dot the i's and let the magic happen!


I want to find out more, who can I chat to?

We're so excited that you interested in Plan | Brand | Grow and would love to schedule a quick consult with you to find out how we can assist you in growing your biz! Head over to our contact page and fill in the form, someone will be in touch with you ASAP and we'll go from there.

What is a Virtual Assistant service / VA?

A Virtual Assistant / VA, is typically someone who works remotely via the internet from home / their own office to complete assigned tasks. We offer a VA service and this means we have more than one person on our team to assist with a number of jobs including creative, website, digital marketing and/or other ad hoc tasks. VA's are an attractive solution because they don't fall under the conventional 'employee' label as they are independent contractors, and this means that clients are not responsible for any employee-related taxes, insurance or benefits, except for the VA's fees (and/or any agreed upon task related expenses)

Do you do Custom Monthly Packages?

Our goal is to make your life simpler - if you feel that our existing package offering won't meet your requirements, let's chat more about devising a custom package tailored to your needs - drop us a line here

Can you do a one-off job for my business?

Yes! Our Pay As You Go option is perfect for those who require assistance with a one-off job or project - get in touch and we'll be happy to give you a formal quote.

I want to know more about Invoicing / Payments?

We'll invoiced in advance for all work undertaken - there'll be a once off for The 5 Hour Plan and Pay As You Go services, and for the monthly packages, we'll send over your invoice at the beginning of each month. Payment is required on receipt of invoice and our banking details will be supplied, as well as a invoice number which you'll need to use as a payment reference.

How do you communicate with clients?

Feel free to email us at any time and we'll respond as soon as possible during business hours. We are available for occasional scheduled phone calls, but having a written record of communication is always helpful for all parties involved, as it can easily be reviewed. We are not available for unscheduled phone calls, as we like to spend as much of our time as possible working on client projects.

What’s your turnaround time on work?

This is sometimes project specific but we do our best to complete all projects in a timely manner. In most cases, we can have tasks done within 2-3 business days (occasionally faster) but let's chat about your specific requirements. If you have a project that is urgent, we may charge a higher fee, but we can most likely fit it in. 

Can you design my logo or website?

We don't offer these services through Plan | Brand | Grow directly at the moment, but you're in luck because our founders, Nicola Tweed and Andrea Barras, are the 'go to girls' for this exact kind of work. Visit Nicola's website for more on website design/development, or Andrea's website for more on branding/brand consulting and either (or both!) will be happy to chat to you further about building your brand!

Are there any benefits for referring friends?

We'd love you to recommend us to your friends and colleagues if you feel we're doing a great job. If anyone signs up, we will give you one hour of our VA services for free. There’s no limit to the number of referral hours you can earn, but you can’t use more than one per month.

What if I no longer need your services?

We'd be sad to see you go of course, but if you're a monthly package client and you feel that you no longer need us, all you need to do is give us a month's notice at the end of your 2nd rolling month (our monthly packages work on a 3-rolling-months basis), and pay your last months fee, and we'll wrap up for you at the end of month 3, simple.

What are your working hours?

GMT (+2)

Monday - Thursday: 8.30am - 3.00pm

Friday: 8.30am - 12pm