Do you need help clarifying your brand, or do you require a creative brainstorming session? We can assist!

Book a consulting session with Andrea AND Nicola and you'll get access to TWO experts who will help you to review your branding, website, social media and business strategy! The aim of our sessions is to create clarity, and for us to help you to define an actionable To Do list going forward - read more about how it works below...



If you’re feeling stuck, and business is slow, or you suspect that your business strategy is holding you back, a comprehensive business audit is a great way to assess whether you’re still relevant and communicating optimally with your target market. This session will reveal growth opportunities for you as we discuss practical ways to improve on your existing business strategy and output. We'll help you to find clarity in the fundamentals and we’ll come up with innovative ways to make your business resonate with both existing and new customers.



Let’s unpack your visual business as a whole, to see whether all the elements are in line with your overall brand messaging. We’ll pick apart your social media profiles and the stuff that you’re sharing, and we’ll strategise on ways to improve on this (how it looks, how it functions, how you can best use it to your advantage and so on) and we’ll come up with some great content ideas that are relevant for your audience. Lastly, we’ll look at your website to make sure, again, that what you are communicating is consistent and that you are speaking to the heart of the market you’re trying capture.



A pre-consultation questionnaire
We’ll use this to do some research and to prepare thoroughly before our chat – We want to make sure this is a value-filled experienced for you

A 1-hour Zoom session
We’ll go through your branding, social media platforms and website together, and you’ll have an opportunity to ask any related questions

A post-consultation debrief
Within a week, we’ll email you a summary of everything we’ve discussed, and more importantly practical steps, creative ideas and guidelines for what you can do next to create change and make a difference.

Can't find what you're looking for?

There are too many tasks to list on this page, so if you need assistance with something that's not mentioned above, please don't hesitate to give us a shout anyway!

Chances are we can help, but even if we can't, we'll probably be able to point you in the right direction - we have a wonderful network of freelancers and creatives in our 'Little Black Book' and we love to bring like-minded people together.