Who We Are

Plan | Brand | Grow is headed up by Nicola Tweed and Andrea Barras - we're experienced businesswomen, mothers, friends and we're passionate about helping people/brands grow to reach their potential. We each run thriving enterprises and recognise the value of outsourcing smaller tasks so we can focus on the bigger picture.

Nicola is a web design and development guru (throw in a generous dose of knowledge about digital marketing) and is passionate about learning and teaching. Andrea is a branding, design and communications specialist, and also runs other product-based businesses on the side. Meg is Plan | Brand | Grow's newest team member and she's a brilliant all rounder - creative, passionate and an admin whizz who loves working on new projects with our clients. Our diverse talents and skills position us perfectly to assist you with your digital marketing, website, creative and business admin needs.

What We Do

Plan | Brand | Grow is a Virtual Assistant (VA) service, and this means we assist our clients remotely with creative, website, digital marketing and/or other ad hoc tasks. VA's don't fall under the conventional 'employee' label because they are independent contractors and this means that clients are not responsible for any employee-related taxes, insurance or benefits, except for the VA's fees (and/or any agreed upon task related expenses)

Why You Should Use Us

We've been there ourselves, and can't emphasise enough that freeing up time to work ON your business and not just FOR your clients and customers, can really help to elevate you to the next level.

We coordinate and oversee a group of experienced contractors and in-house team members, to help you handle the sometimes overwhelming realities of running a business. Based on the tasks you need fulfilled, we'll pair you up with the right people to help you clear that To Do list. We'll oversee it all with trained eyes to make sure everything we do at Plan | Brand | Grow matches up to our own high standards.

Taking on a VA is a simple and flexible way of outsourcing your workload without worrying about the HR related hassles, office space and pressures of a monthly salary for a full time employee. With Plan | Brand | Grow you get the benefit of an experienced team with a diverse range of skills and abilities - it's pretty much a win-win!

You're interested, what now?

If you like the sound of what we're offering, let's look at how the process works:

The first step is for you to take a look at your business and identify which tasks you'd like to hand over (if you're not 100% sure about this we can hash it out down the line, but it would be useful for you to have an idea before we chat.)

Next, let's talk shop! Schedule a chat with us and we'll discuss your To Do list and how our services can help you grow your brand.

On our call, we'll delve further into your business requirements and discuss the scope of work and expectations. It's important for both parties to feel like we're a good fit for each other in order to optimise our working relationship.

Once everything is agreed on, we'll cross the t's, dot the i's and let the magic happen!

It's easy for me to hop onto the site and quickly edit content or change images smoothly, however, sometimes life still gets in the way. Plan | Brand | Grow's maintenance plan gives us peace of mind for an up to date website without having to physically do anything myself.

It has just made things THAT much easier. They know my lingo and understands what I want, without having to explain anything. A quick email here and there, and we know everything is up to date and properly maintained. Highly recommended!


I've worked with Nicola and Andrea numerous times and their attention to detail, passion for their work, and interest in helping their customers grow their businesses is unmatched.

I think Plan | Brand | Grow is a brilliant service offering - especially for freelancers like myself who have to figure out how to do everything on our own - hiring out the work you can't manage is a valuable step towards growing your business and your brand.