Beat The Overwhelm


Being self-employed has it’s many benefits, but it also comes with the weight of responsibility and massive pressure to get things done. If you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur or small business owner, we know that you’ve probably experienced this before: OVERWHELM. You know that feeling, when you have so much to get through, and quite honestly, you’re not really even sure where to start?

The good news is, you’re not alone – we’ve totally been there and have put together a few of our favourite tips for beating The Overwhelm:

ONE. / Step Away
It may seem counterintuitive when you feel like you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel that is your ridiculously long To Do list, but stepping away and taking a break is often the BEST strategy to tackle overwhelm. Rest and disconnect from whatever it is you’re trying to force into action, and then try again when you feel that you have more focus/direction. Allow yourself time to rest, and place trust in the fact that you will figure it all out.

TWO. / Get Organised
When ‘juggling’ is your go to strategy, as it is with many of us who have to wear ‘all the hats’ in our businesses, you can expect the ball to drop every now and then. Being organised and planning ahead will help you to manage everything you need to do and will allow you to identify priorities. In knowing exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals, or smash a project deadline, you’re already giving yourself a leg up. There are tons of handy apps and tools around, but don’t feel that you need to complicate things when a pencil and paper will do the trick – write your task list out and break it down into bite-sized chunks that you can tackle, one at a time – mall steps move you forward!

THREE. / Automate & Simplify YourProcesses
Analyse your processes: the way you do things within your business and the way you interact with your clients – is there anything you do repeatedly for each customer or client? If the answer is YES, you’re discovering the exact spots in your process where you can potentially simplify through creating templates and/or by automating with relevant tools. Where there is occasion to outsource the tasks that you’re not necessarily good at, or those that you struggle to find the time to do, DO IT!

FOUR. / Connect With Others
We so often forget that we’re all in the same boat and share so many of the same struggles – sometimes, a heartfelt chat with a fellow entrepreneur or like-minded business owner can help you figure out whatever it is you’re struggling with. Finding a mentor, or an accountability partner, with whom you can bounce struggles and ideas is a great way to work through

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