5 Ways to Simplify Your Business

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Keeping things simple is more difficult than it sounds, but ‘Spring cleaning’ your business will help you to make time for what really matters – you’ll be able to focus on what you’re good at, you’ll be able to grow your brand and create a smooth running, professional enterprise. But how do you achieve this with the mounting pressure of modern day living? We’ve put together a few actionable suggestions for you – don’t feel overwhelmed by trying to do it all in one go, start with one thing and make sure you take the time to work ON your business and not just in it.

ONE. / STREAMLINE YOUR SYSTEMS – have you ever thought about the journey your customers take when they’re engaging with your brand? Plot this out from ‘first contact’ to the final interaction they have with you, and identify where you can automate processes or create templates to make their experience with your brand slick and meaningful, while making your life a lot easier at the same time. If you’re a service based business, you might find it useful to investigate project management tools like Asana or Click Up.

TWO. / SET BOUNDARIES & BUSINESS HOURS – decide on how you’d prefer your clients to contact you and during what hours this communication may take place. This small action can make a big difference, not only in managing client expectations, but in helping you to set boundaries with yourself too, and helping you to work diligently within specific timeframes.

THREE. / NARROW YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA FOCUS – don’t be that business that tries to do it all! Being present and engaging with customers on 2 social media platforms (maybe 3, maximum!) is often more than enough – quality over quantity is definitely true in this case! When you spread yourself too thinly you’ll risk weakening the brand you’ve worked so hard to build up. Think about how best to reach your ideal customers, and choose your ideal platforms based on where they’re most likely to ‘hang out’.

FOUR. / ELIMINATE DISTRACTION – time management is key in running a successful business, but how can you take back control of your time and attention? Firstly, set boundaries with time spent on social media and prioritise your daily task list – if you are organised and give yourself ‘deadlines’ throughout the day, it’s likely that you’ll be way less distracted and that you’ll get more done. Turn off your phone and close unnecessary browser tabs – it’s all about getting strict with yourself and being aware of your time, and mindful of your focus.

FIVE. / OUTSOURCE WHAT YOU CAN – it’s quite unlikely that you’ll ever be able to successfully grow your business alone – there are certain things we just can’t do by ourselves, and then there are the things that we can do, but don’t always have the time to do effectively. When a task calls for professional attention, or when you reach a point in business where you’re running out of time to get everything done, it’s time to call in the troops. Whether you decide to hire someone to work in house, or if you rely on a Virtual Assistant style business like Plan | Brand | Grow, having additional support will very likely be a game changer for you!

If you’d like to hear more about how our team can potentially assist you, head over to Services page or get in touch and we’ll set up a chat – we’d love to connect and to hear more about your business!

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